Songs in the Wild, as of December 2021

Recently, I've been looking back at all the ways I have shared music since the days of (ahem) MySpace. Over the years, I've produced and remastered, reshuffled and renamed, taken fake names and cringey photos, and experimented in a variety of genres. For anyone so inclined, therefore, here's a list of the music that I know is out there to be found. I am 100% certain that you can find my music elsewhere, too. But as 2021 draws to a close, I feel compelled to get organized. For the new year, I feel compelled to make new things. In that spirit, here's my current big list. Note, also, that while finding me on Bandcamp and Jamendo is a pretty straightforward process, Distrokid (below) implies all sorts of things, not the least of which: Spotify, Apple Music, and all the stores. Looking forward to making more and updating this list again someday. This contains a little over 200 tracks; my own archive (which is, sadly, incomplete) holds closer to 500 tracks created since 2002.