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Recently, I made this keyboard synthesizer from recycled things and a few Arduino -compatible electronic components. It is in-progress. The Aquatronic Cyanocaster, May-June 2021 What It Sounds Like An example, first of the default sounds according to the code at the end of this post - followed by a few crazy sounds with external effects added (second half of clip): What It's Made Of The Keyboard The keyboard is one of two salvaged from a $10 thrift store organ called, the "Fun Mate." It has 37 full-size keys, of which I am currently using 36. Most of the rest of the housing is particle board from the Fun Mate , too - attached with hot glue. Controls There are two rotary potentiometers and two rotary switches , all salvaged from who-knows-what - but probably from old radios and electronic test equipment (I've gone through a lot of that kind of stuff over the past few years); there's also a basic 1/4" mono audio jack and a slide potentiometer from the or