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I bought a Teensy 4.1 with the intention of learning new levels of audio electronics, and while this synth project is not entirely complete, as with all such projects, it is complete enough to talk about. I was really excited to try the PJRC audio system design tool , which is great! The PJRC libraries quickly became intuitive. And it almost goes without saying that this device, like its pedecessors, is made of many recycled materials: wood, wires, black plastic panel, and potentiometers are all from salvage. I also bought a few other handy go-alongs, including: my fave, the MPR121 capacitive breakout board (under $3) which can best be understood via a thorough Adafruit tutorial ; a tiny OLED display (under $5), made useful by the Tiny4kOLED library ; and, an inexpensive I2S DAC , which took a moment to understand, but ended up being quite simple in this particular (Teensyduino) context. As the nodes below suggest, the core of this synthesizer is a frequency-modulated sine wave, sent